Coalition Committees

Coalition Committees:

The Coalition voted at the last meeting to add committees to assist in building and sustaining the group.  There will be 2 committees formed, the Membership Committee and the Event Planning/Outreach Committee.  Everyone is asked to pick one of the committees and sign up by replying to this post.

The Membership Committee will work towards increasing the Coalition’s membership and working to retain current members who have not been active.  This committee will work with the Co-Chairs to promote meetings, secure member attendance, and suggest programs/speakers for meetings periodically.

The Event Planning/Outreach Committee will be responsible for finding and planning events within the community to promote lead poisoning prevention and awareness.  The committee will also be responsible for working with community organizations inside and outside of the City of Elizabeth to let them know of the Coalition and the lead poisoning prevention efforts.  This outreach component will coordinate with the Membership Committee to ensure any new organizations are offered an opportunity to join the Coalition.


8 Responses

  1. I will participate on the membership committee

  2. I will participate in the Membership Committee as well.

    Retty George

  3. Moath Hamzeh, NNJM-CHC, Membership Committee.

  4. Kate Klinger, NNJMCHC- Membership committee

  5. I will be part of the Membership Committee. Keep in mind that my coworkers and I are available to do free lead presentations for children and parents.
    Robin Chou (Northern NJ Maternal/Child Health)

  6. I would like to join the event planning/outreach committee for the Elizabeth Public Schools.
    Thank you.
    Jessica Morse

  7. Sarah Malone-Ditzel, Wipe Out Lead NJ–Event Planning/Outreach Committee

  8. Joe Pargola – NJ Department of the Public Advocate – Event Planning/Outreach Committee

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