Lead in Traditional Medicine

Here is an article that was shared in the Newark Lead Coalition about high levels of lead in a traditional medicine called ‘Litargirio’.


Lead Found in Indian Spices and Powders

Read this insightful post about lead findings in Indian spices and powders.

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Tight Fiscal Times: Take Advantage of a Two-for-One Special for the Lead and Beyond Conference

Tight Fiscal Times:  Take Advantage of a Two-for-One Special

Have you and your colleagues wanted to attend the Lead and Beyond Conference on April 16, 2010 but your agency doesn’t have the funds to pay for you all to go?  Partner up with a co-worker and take advantage of the Two-for-One Special now being offered at the low price of $50.00.  Each person should complete a registration form and send them in together.  We’ll see you in April at the Sheraton Raritan in Edison.

Here is the brochure

Here is the registration form

Lead and Beyond – 2 for 1 flyer

A great learning opportunity!