We have an upcoming event here taking place on Friday, May 7th. It’s our annual Dare Day Jamboree at Erxleben Recreation Center located at 513-515 Richmond Street, Elizabeth, NJ from 4:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. The Lead Coalition has a table and chairs reserved for this event. If anyone is interested in helping out at our table, please let me know. This event always gets a great crowd, there will also be safety demonstrations and activities for kids, etc.


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Fundred Dollar Bill Project

Fundred Logo

Join the Model Lead-Safe City Program and the City of Elizabeth in raising awareness of childhood lead poisoning with this creative educational tool.  The Fundred Dollar Bill Project (www.fundred.org) seeks to raise $300,000,000 in Fundred Dollar Bills to present to our US Representatives in an effort that the representatives match the Fundred Dollar Bills with real funds to remediate lead hazards.  The $300,000,000 represents the amount needed to remediate the lead in soil in New Orleans. 

Sample Fundred Dollar Bill

We are pleased join the Fundered Dollar Bill Project and will be collecting Fundred Dollar Bills on behalf of our Model Cities.  If you have any questions about the project or how you can participate, please visit the Fundred web site and contact Joe Pargola (joseph.pargola@childadvocate.state.nj.us). 

Click on the links below for instructions and Fundred Dollar Bill templates.

Fundred Dollar Bill Project – Getting Started

Fundred Dollar Bill Project – Multiple Fundred Template

Fundred Dollar Bill Project – Dollar Bill Bundle Bands


This blog site will be updated regularly for the Elizabeth  Coalition for Lead Education and Prevention.  Please leave us a message or post a link about childhood lead poisoning.